Official Videos

Before the launch of the original game on PlayStation 2, Rockstar Games released a number of GTA San Andreas videos on their Official GTA San Andreas site.

Official Trailers

August 2004 - Welcome To Los Santos

The very first video to be released showing in game footage of GTA San Andreas and not too much was given away.

The video contains a lot of interesting footage, mainly from the first few missions of the game, however we can see such things as the incredible animation when playing basketball, a rather large Juank Air plane and what the gang life will look like.

The video is fully based on Los Santos showing the Grove Street Families along with a few other gangs but it definitely gives you a feel for the type of game you're going to be playing.

September 2004 - Official Trailer

The second San Andreas trailer to be released shows a lot more than the first, including the first "fully confirmed" song in the game; Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses.

This video shows footage from all three cities including a number of new vehicles, with what looks like a Spitfire plane, an apache helicopter, a small private jet, numerous cars and bikes and a few helicopters.

October 2004 - Homecoming

The final Official Trailer to be released before the game launched, and undoubtedly the best.

With footage from all three cities, countryside, new vehicles, gameplay and much more, this video is action packed with tons of new features and one of the most noticeable is the ability to skydive and parachute out of a plane above Las Venturas!

Other features include a snippet of the opening movie to San Andreas, hearing Carl Johnson speak and some amazing aerial footage of Las Venturas.

Official Website Mini-Videos

Back in 2004, we asked Rockstar Games if we could host the following videos on our website. Sadly we were denied permission. Unfortunately the official GTA San Andreas website is no longer up and running so the videos listed below are no longer available.

Barber Shop

We've known for a long time that you can get your hair cut in the game, but there is a video which shows just how that will happen. Maybe not as interactive as people might have expected, but it still looks very cool and well done. We can see how we will enter buildings, what the in game menu's will look like and also the interiors of some of the rooms.

How To Find It

Los Santos > Idlewood > Reece's Barber Shop


One of the cooler features which we've found out about is the ability to play basketball. We don't know if you'll be able to play whenever you want, or just on missions, or even just in cut scenes, but this short video shows how you can slam dunk the ball.

How To Find It

Los Santos > East Los Santos > Basketball Courts

Beach Party

Probably one of the first videos people will see on the official site, another short video showing off a party on the beach and also one of the motorbikes. The sea can also be seen at the end with realistic looking waves.

How To Find It

Los Santos > Beach Party Area

Grove Street Families

A rather cool video showing some of the sights inside Grove Street where your gang, the Grove Street Families will relax. You will see some cool features such as a car with hydraulics, gang signs and also some interesting handshake type things being performed by the gang members.

How To Find It

Los Santos > Ganton > Grove Street Families

Police Bike

Another interesting video showing just what we can expect when we take to the streets of Los Santos in a few months. This short video shows the police chasing after what looks like a Sabre and also shows off police shooting and vehicle handling.

How To Find It

Los Santos > Los Santos Police Department

Varios Los Aztecas

One of the best all around videos is the video showing the Hispanic street gang, the Varios Los Aztecas. We see sights such as an overhead view of the neighborhood, gang members smoking and hydraulic cars plus more.

How To Find It

Los Santos > Varios Los Aztecas

Los Santos Vagos

Another video from Los Santos is a video showing the Los Santos Vagos performing their every day actions which generally seems to involve walking around and talking in front of a damaged vehicle.

How To Find It

Los Santos > East Los Santos > Los Santos Vagos


This video shows Carl walk into Ammunation and purchase a shotgun then leave.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Angel Pine > Ammunation


A short video of a character get on a bike similar to Vice City's "Freeway" then drive off into the countryside.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Angel Pine > Whetstone Rest Stop


This short video shows how Carl can buy clothes and try them on in the changing room before leaving.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Juniper Hollow > Binco

Cluckin' Bell

This video shows Carl visit Cluckin' Bell and order some food.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Cluckin' Bell

Hippie Van

This is one of the longest videos on the official site however it just shows a hippie van driving down a street.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Hashbury

Import Export Ship

A cool video showing how you can deliver cars to the import export crane just like in the original GTA game, or more recently, GTA3. This actually brings real meaning to the term "Grand Theft Auto".

How To Find It

San Fierro > Easter Basin > Import/Export Ship

Mount Chiliad

This video shows off the clouds and trees and the top of mount chiliad while flying around in a Full Winged Dodo.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Angel Pine > Mount Chiliad

Pay N Spray

Well the Pay N Spray obviously makes a return from previous GTA games and the police still have no idea where you are when your vehicle's color changes.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Doherty > Pay N Spray

Valet Parking

This video shows off what will certainly be a new mission, Valet Parking. Carl has to take a car and park it in the parking lot where he will gain points and time for how well he does it.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Downtown > Valet Parking

Windy Street

This shows a car driving down a very windy street.

How To Find It

San Fierro > Downtown > Windy, Windy, Windy, Windy, Street

Bike School

This short video shows off some of the skills you'll learn at the bike school.

How To Find It

Las Venturas > Blackfield > Turning Tricks Bike School


This video shows the nice scenery around the Sherman Dam.

How To Find It

Las Venturas > Las Barrancas > Sherman Dam

Dirt Racing

A dirt-racing mini-game is shown in this video.

How To Find It

Las Venturas > Blackfield > Blackfield Stadium


This video shows off a variety of the water vehicles as well as an airplane.

How To Find It

Las Venturas > Bayside Marina


Watch Carl change into something a bit more sporty... In about 2 seconds.

How To Find It

Las Venturas > Roca Escalante > Prolaps

World's Largest Cock

Who doesn't want to watch Carl jump over a huge cock on a motorcycle?

How To Find It

Las Venturas > World's Largest Cock