Import / Export - Vehicle Locations Map

Click on a vehicle name to display a pop-up showing a screenshot of the location.


The majority of the vehicles listed below will only spawn in their fixed location while they are needed for the current list at Easter Basin Docks.

If you're not on the right list, chances are the vehicle won't be there.

If a vehicle is not there, or the doors are locked when you first check, drive around the block and check again. You may need to do this a few times before the game spawns the unlocked vehicle.

For more assistance, check out our Import / Export Guide.

Patriot Patriot Sanchez Sanchez Stretch Stretch Feltzer Feltzer Remington Remington Buffalo Buffalo Sentinel Sentinel Infernus Infernus Camper Camper Admiral Admiral Slamvan Slamvan Blista Compact Blista Compact Stafford Stafford Sabre Sabre FCR-900 FCR-900 Cheetah Cheetah Rancher Rancher Stallion Stallion Tanker Tanker Comet Comet Blade Blade Freeway Freeway Mesa Mesa ZR-350 ZR-350 Euros Euros Banshee Banshee Super GT Super GT Journey Journey Huntley Huntley BF Injection GTA San Andreas Import / Export Map