Did you know, the original game was delayed a week to allow Rockstar Games additional time to test the game for bugs? Despite that, there are still plenty of funny things that can go wrong. Here is our collection of Glitches from the gameplay of GTA San Andreas along with a description of how to recreate them in game. Clicking on a thumbnail will pop up with a larger screenshot. All Images © Psy and 2004 and must not be reproduced anywhere without proper credit and a hyperlink back to this site.

The Walk Through Bridge

Location: Los Flores, Los Santos
Difficulty: Easy
Description: In Los Flores there is a small, slanted bridge going over a motorway. The side supports of this bridge are not solid and can easily be driven through with a bike.

Feet In the Ground

Location: Ocean Docks, Los Santos (Really anywhere)
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Inside a warehouse at ocean docks there are a pile of crates. Attempting to jump behind them will result in your feet becoming stuck in the ground.

Pizza Glitch

Location: Montgomery, Red County (Pizza Stack)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: At the Montgomery Well Stacked Pizza instead of walking through the door, jump into it. The door will push open and you can enter a small black space inside which lets you see through a few walls.

Bike Car Morph

Location: Random
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Description: Occasionally when smashing a bike into an oncoming car it will get morphed with the car and result in a few seconds of sparks before igniting and exploding.

Morphed Trucks

Location: Random
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Description: Similar to the above glitch, this is pretty much random. As you are driving around you may see cars smashing into the back of each other. Occasionally they will not stop when they make contact and go a few feet further as seen in the image alongside.

Walk Through Hedge

Location: Las Venturas Strip (Out front of the Four Dragons Casino)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: There is a large hedge which runs down the road in front of the Four Dragons Casino. This bush isn't solid and can be walked or driven through. Not much of a glitch as it's probably common knowledge, however it's still something strange.

Para-Bike Glitch

Location: Top Of Mount Chiliad
Difficulty: Easy
Description: I discovered this one myself! Grab the parachute from next to the Camper van at the top of the mountain, then select it as your weapon and get on the bike to start the Chiliad Challenge. When the race starts, speed to the left of the mountain top where you'll see an American flag. Hit the ramp here and jump off the side of the mountain, then a second or so into your fall, bail from the bike and pull your parachute's cord. You will slowly fall down to earth until the game respawns you on top of the mountain with your parachute still equipped, but also back on a bike. From now on you will never fall off your bike when crashing, until you try to exit the vehicle twice.

Sky Diving Underwater

Location: In Water
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Description: When bailing from a plane you'll have the option to use a parachute, or just freefall to earth. If you decide to land above water, there's no worries about needing a chute as the water will not do any damage to you if it's deep enough, however sky diving into the water will occasionally result in you becoming stuck in sky dive mode and not being able to move. This can be considered a bad bug in the game as I tried this for my final Oyster after finding 49 out of 50 just to become stuck and have to load the game back to when I had 29 Oysters.

The Super Stoppie

Location: Anywhere With A Bike
Difficulty: Medium
Description: When performing a stoppie on bicycles it's a lot easier to lean forwards than on motorbikes, especially with maxed out Cycling stats. Because of this, the bicycles can tilt forwards at almost 90° and result in their front wheel getting stuck in the ground. This can then be held for almost as long as you like resulting in a huge stoppie bonus. My best was a 230 Second Stoppie, but it's easily possible to last longer.

Valet Morphing

Location: Downtown San Fierro
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Not much of a glitch, however you will sometimes be spawned partly inside another Valet guy when doing the Valet Parking missions.

The Walk Through Hill

Location: San Fierro, Just North Of Mt. Chiliad
Difficulty: Easy (When you can find it)
Description: Just North of Mount Chiliad, and South of the big radio transmitter at the top of the hill, there is a small beach. From here head slightly to the left and you will come to a hill which can be walked through. This allows you to look under the map, as well as through the ground and into buildings in the distance. Additional help in locating this hill can be found below.

Come-A-Lot Room Glitch

Location: East Come-A-Lot, Las Venturas
Difficulty: Easy
Description: You'll need a jetpack, or a well placed helicopter to do this. To the East of Come-A-Lot you will see a section of buildings on your radar which are in small squares of six or so buildings. The first section of six buildings you come to will have one building with some balconies going all of the way around. Land on one of these top balconies and you can then walk through the wall and get into the building.

Surviving An Insanely Long Fall

Location: Up In The Sky
Difficulty: Easy
Description: You need to have completed level 12 in the Ambulance missions in order to do this. This will ensure your maximum health has increased to the largest it can. You will also need full health. When bailing from a plane you'll be given the opportunity to use a parachute. For this 'glitch' I'd suggest you do. However as soon as you open the parachute, hit triangle to bail from the chute. No matter how high up you were, you will not die from the fall if you had full health, however you will survive with only about 2% health left. This is useful for dropping into Area 69, although don't expect to survive long without health. See below for the end result of the image above.