Los Santos Locations

This page contains information on locations you will discover when visiting Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. All of this information was gathered from the official site.


West Los Santos. A very upscale neighborhood with some of the most expensive retail outlets in America, let alone Los Santos. With views over Santa Maria Beach to the south and Los Santos Inlet and Flint County to the west. Expensive, highly desirable, for intense capitalists.

Rodeo Hotel

If you need a very expensive place from which to base your assault on the exclusive shops of Rodeo, then why not stay at the Rodeo Hotel? The hotel where legends stay. Including the film stars, directors, models and war criminals from Vinewood's golden age.

Didier Sachs

High fashion at it's very highest. For those who are willing to spend a lot of money to cover up their inadequacies. Fashion never cost so much.


If you're a non selective victim, then Victim is the store for you. A wonderful retail house, where people can enhance their self-worth thanks to a huge array of fashion designer apparel.

Beach Party Area

Beauty spot popular with late night revelers. Impromptu beach parties common, occasionally descend into gang violence. But parties usually safe and friendly. Which is why we shut them down.

Richman Country Club

Where the rich play golf and shower together in exclusive surroundings, and pay a fortune for the privilege.


Home to “Blastin' Fools Records” - the leading gangster rap label in the world. And very socially responsible they are too. Always pay their police bribes on time.

Verona Mall

The Verona Mall is arguable the high point of American culture. A wonderful shopping center built in a place of very low average rainfall with beautiful weather, in which some very intelligent planner decided to build a roof over the street. Just think about that for a second - A shopping center, in a desert, with protection from rainfall.

Market Station

Public transport links that the auto industry have been trying to close down for years.

Blastin' Fools Records

Number one ganster rap label in the world. Popular form of idiomatic street poetry (rap) set to music (or beats in their parlance) in which the protagonist displays a macho and testosterone-fuelled response to the perceived realities of life in the Los Santos ghetto. Or so it says in this book. Luckily, I don't read much.

Los Santos Police Dept

Fighting a vicious fight against crime and the fact that being a fireman is a lot more glamorous.

Varios Los Aztecas

Extremely dangerous Hispanic street gang. Violent. Proud. Psychotic. Heavily involved in gun running, street violence. Have traditionally been anti-narcotics. Long term gang feud with Los Santos Vagos, as well as rivalries with all other street gangs in Los Santos. Dislike of San Fierro Rifa. Wear turquoise.


Contested turf, currently under control of FRONT YARD BALLAS, a major set of BALLAS. Old Reece's Barber Shop has been the local news service for years. Worth hitting up for information.

Smoke's House

Subject: Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
Grove Street Families O.G.

Not the shot caller, but a powerful influence, especially over restaurant choice. Extremely overweight. Multiple arrests and convictions, but has never served a long jail sentence. Why not? Family background uncertain. Delusions of grandeur. Regards himself as potential savior and ruler of known universe.

Tattoo Parlor

Tattoos are popular with gang members who like showing that they can write on themselves. It is an important part of the initiation process, I've heard.

Reece's Barber Shop

Elderly hairdresser Reece - A man who gives you what you ask for, and doesn't worry too much how you look. His crimes are many, but most of them are against fashion.

The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

Great pizzas. We had these at the station party last week. Still - You know what they say - A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, especially in my wife's case.


The Ballas are one of the major criminal organizations in Los Santos. A street gang that have been around since the 1970's. Wear color PURPLE - Thought to denonte respect on streets. Or is it Roman? Involved in drug dealing, gang bashing, prostitution, arms dealing, vandalism, degeneracy. Sworn enemy of all families' sets, especially Orange Grove Street. Origins shrouded in mystery. Heavily involved in cocaine trade. Thought to be developing ties with Mexican (drugs) and Russian (weapons) mobs.

Other terms -
Ball-sacks / Ball eaters / Ball-less / Ball Busters - All derogatory
Purples / Playas - Positive.

Lawless, mindless. Attempts to infiltrate have mainly failed. Thought to be uncontrollable. CRASH team investigating, under Officer Tenpenny. He is deeply ingrained in street culture and is to be given freedom to do whatever it takes.


Tough suburb. So tough I wished my mother-in-law lived there. Serious social problems persist, including, but not limited to, drugs, car crime, murder, stupidity and self-deception. Home to the Grove Street Families, once the toughest and most respected gang in South Central Los Santos, now seriously in decline. Them's the breaks. Grove Street runs west to east through Ganton and ends in a cul-de-sac populated by the oldest Grove Street Families.

B-Dup's House

Home of Grove Street OG - B-Dup. Rumors suggest he has drifted apart from gang banging and into other activities. Allegations of false imprisonment and kidnapping of friends persist.

Grove Street Families

Subject: Grove Street Families - Original street gang in Los Santos.
Notes: Now seriously in decline - Internal disputes?

Elder members (O'G's) include Sean "Sweet" Johnson, Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, Lance "Ryder" Wilson, Mark "B-Dup" Wayne, Barry "Big Bear" Thorne...Spheres of influence diminishing. Thought to have no serious involvement in drugs trade, which has led to their decline. Some OGs heavily involved in PCP business. Wear color GREEN.

OG Loc's House

Home of Wannabe Gangsta Rapper, Jeffery Martin. No criminal record. Some unpaid parking fines. Unlikely to be a threat. Do not, repeat do not listen to his music.

Sweet's House

Home of Sweet Johnson - Shot caller for Grove Street Families.
Notes: Under investigation for murder, gang banging, car crime, and sundry other activities. Regards himself as a community leader. Believes gangs are a positive influence in the community. Virulently anti the spread of cocaine within the community. Naive, but powerful. Uncontrollable.

Family: Beverly Johnson (mother)
Kendl Johnson (sister - no major affiliations)
Brian Johnson - Deceased.
Carl Johnson - Whereabouts unknown. Possibly on the East Coast.

Crime Scene

Typical happy citizens on the streets of Ganton.

East Los Santos

Stuck between Ballas, Vagos and Grove Street turf, this neighborhood has been contested ground for years. Because this neighborhood contains community basketball courts, a skate park and the towers there is always some gang activity. Control seems to be impossible but desired by all. Not quite sure why.

Basketball Courts

Popular with those with an over developed pituitary gland.

Pig Pen Strip Club

Definitely a club where gentlemen prove they are gentlemen, just as the whole force did at the last holiday party.

Los Santos Vagos

Subject: Hispanic Gang.
Origins: Unknown.
Gang Color: YELLOW.
Notes: Sworn enemies of Varios Los Aztecas, another street gang. Extremely dangerous.


The hills above Los Santos and home to the stars. Anyone that can afford to live here does - luxurious, exclusive, and uninsurable.

Burger Shot

Major hamburger chain. Popular with parole programs. Since surviving claims that meat contained human remains after incident a few years ago, Burger Shot has gone from strength to strength. Now proudly claims "Our burgers are 100% organic, with only the choicest cuts of face, genital and spinal column to make a truly tasty and nutritious burger".

Madd Dogg's Mansion

Subject: Madd Dogg - Recording Artist.
Notes: Problems with alcohol, cocaine, egomania persist, raps a lot about being a gangster.
No criminal record. No gang affiliation. Lives in his Vinewood Mansion, never on streets. Benign presence - unlikely to cause major social problems aside from his immediate circle.

Vinewood Hills Mansion

Home of the rich and famous. Playground of mega-wealthy entertainment moguls, plastic surgeons and divorce-lawyers.


At the very center of the state of San Andreas, Blueberry is a farming community and home to the Fleischberg Brewery. To the west of local farm, Blueberry Acres lies a large hill, known locally as the Panopticon. The Panopticon affords views of both Bone and Flint Counties and Easter Basin Airport, serving San Fierro. We're sure some crime takes place here, only currently, we don't know what.

Palomino Creek

Locked between San Andreas Sound and Fisher's Lagoon, Palomino looks out towards the bright lights of Las Venturas. Local beauty spot, Hanky Panky Point, is notorious as a local make-out location. Popular with young couples and dirty old men.

Drive-Thru Confessions

What do you do when you really need to get something off your chest, fast! The solution for the extremely devout, in a hurry.


This bank has been robbed so many times, we've given up protecting it. Although we don't admit that.

Hanky Panky Point

Local beauty spot notorious as a make-out location. Popular with young couples and dirty old men.

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