Las Venturas Locations

This page contains information on locations you will discover when visiting Las Venturas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. All of this information was gathered from the official site.

Las Barrancas

A quaint desert town steeped in local history, home to preserved Hopi ruins and the terrible setting of the Barrancas Mass Grave. In 1842, the 66th Cavalry, under the command of Colonel Henry Bolt, was stationed in nearby Fort Carson when they answered a call for help from homesteaders under attack from bandits. Riding to the rescue, the whole force fell down a hole. It is said that the sound of a hundred horses can be heard riding through the town at midnight...

Torino's Ranch

This is strictly classified. Nothing goes on here. Close the file, please.

Smokin' Beef Grill

The beef tastes so good because the hormones are very tender. The cows love to be injected with steroids, and it makes the meat juicy.

Sherman Dam

The dam that powers most of the West coast. Las Venturas was built on the back of power from this dam. A National Institution. With terrible security.


Site of the notorious Blackfield Bad Trip of 1967, in which some 700 hippies choked to death on toads. This district has since been developed into a state of the art indoor dirt bike arena.

Blackfield Stadium

Famous dirt-biking capital of the West coast.

Turning Tricks Bike School

The place to learn how to handle two wheels.

Blackfield Intersection

Scene of repeated illegal street racing. Luckily we bust the little bastards and ruin their stupid cars.

The Strip

The Jewel in Las Venturas' tiara! A spectacular homage to family entertainment with something for the whole family - especially the dads! Try anything from ancient Rome to the mysteries of dynastic China. Every taste, and budget, catered for.

The Visage

A legend. Highly exclusive, very expensive.

The Clown's Pocket

A casino for people who like men in make-up and baggy trousers.

Caligular's Palace

Caligular's has been a Venturas institution for 30 years. Has always been mob controlled. No sooner does one mob get dealt with then another moves in. Currently believed to be controlled by 3 major crime families from the East Coast. New manager. Just out of rehab. Possible mob connections.

The Camel's Toe

Terrible Egyption-style casino. They won't pay us off or anything. We should put the squeeze on these guys.


Seedy Arthurian-themed casino, famous for being the least fun on the strip.

The Four Dragons

Newly built casino. Funded with money from Hong Kong. Possible connection to Triad gangs in San Fierro, but nothing proven. Food is terrible.

Old Venturas Strip

Take a trip to Las Venturas' origins as the gambling capital of the world. Lose money in casinos made famous by the Vinewood playboys of yesteryear. If you like to play big, try the no-limits poker tables or drool at the finest showgirls in town.

The Craw Bar

Great night out for anyone hoping to get lucky, assuming they can dance...


The most convenient store in America. Always open. Always over priced.

Chilli Dog & Ice Cream Stands

There's nothing like buying food on the street to ensure it is healthy, nutritious and well-prepared. After all, a man who does not have a kitchen cannot have a dirty kitchen...

Roca Escalante

Once home to an ancient rock worshipped by the desert peoples, now a Mecca for those who worship rock. The V-Rock Hotel is THE premiere rock-themed hotel and entertainment complex in San Andreas. Plentiful parking and access to the Julius Thru Way.

Police Headquarters

Bunch of Red Neck Hick bastards at this precinct. Scarcely fit to be called cops.

The V-Rock Hotel

"The home of Rock and Roll," V-Rock has opened a hotel and casino. It's a very rock and roll way to lose your money. As least they got rid of that dick head who used to be on the radio.


You want to be a rapper, but live in the suburbs and get driven around by mom? Then this is the place for you. They got everything from East and West coasts, so you can look ridiculous no matter what your musical tastes.


You want to take up sports? Maybe you just like hanging out at the mall. Either way, you need expensive designer sports wear. And there is no better than Prolaps. Unless you like Eris more, but that is a matter of taste, for people with no taste.


Visiting on a budget or lost your shirt at the tables? Rockshore will have accommodation to suit your cashflow. With charming views of Red County across San Andreas Sound.

Last Dime Motel

Seedy den of vice. Always littered with low-lifes, druggies and hookers. But a great cheap rate during the week.

Crime Scene

We've had a robbery at this location.

Rockshore Wedding Chapel

The place to make a serious mistake, very quickly.

Bayside Marina

People can learn how to boat here. In other words, how to sit in a boat and let it float. Very difficult, I'm sure.

World's Largest Cock

A bone county legend. Very beautiful. People come from miles around to see it.

The Big Ear

Massive satellite installation. Locally known as The Big Ear. Locals are often born with no ears, due to radiation poisoning from this thing.

Hunter Quarry

This quarry will employ anyone. Real Slackers. Any fool can show up and have a go.

Las Venturas Airport

Las Venturas Airport is a major international hub, serving the whole of eastern San Andreas. Over 100 countires fly direct to LVA. It's great for tourism - fly them in, rob them blind, kick them out.

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