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Stadium Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas contains a lot of features which are required in order to complete the game at 100%. One of these features is similar to that of Vice City in needing to complete challenges at various stadiums found across the map. There are three stadiums around San Andreas, and there are four challenges altogether, some a lot more difficult than others. This guide will explain where they can be found, what the objective is, the best way to go about it and the rewards given for completion.

Los Santos Stadium Missions

The 8-Track can be found at the stadium in East Beach, Los Santos. It's directly East of Grove Street.

The 8-Track is a relatively difficult race inside the stadium. Similar to the Hotring on Vice City you are battling it out with 12 other vehicles over a 12 lap race in a Hotring Racer. You need to come in first place to be rewarded, however the Hotring Racer doesn't have very good handling. It will spin out of control with almost the slightest impact with another car.

The most important thing is to get a good start. Immediately from the green light, or rather 'Go' message, speed forward, and keep to the dirt to the left. Go around this corner, then if you have a chance, cross the road to the right and keep on the outside of the track. You should be up into about 5th or 6th at this point already. Make your way through the first main left, across the bridge type thing and then keep to the right and stay on the dirt. From here it's simple, just follow the road around carefully and slowly, braking any time you feel you need to turn. If you see a car coming up behind you, or next to you LET THEM PASS. You can easily over take them again, but if they touch you, and most likely spin you out, you could drop to 30 seconds behind the leader. If at any time on the first few laps you crash out, I'd suggest getting out of your car and blowing it up if you have any weapons. You might as well just start again rather than having to try and gain positions from half way through the race.

The cars in front aren't stupid drivers, and they'll drive pretty slowly too, so just follow them and keep up with them. As you approach the start/finish line, prepare to over take, as this is certainly the easiest part on the track to gain positions. Once you're up to the relatively tight left turn again slow down and tail anyone still in front of you. Follow them around the track until you reach the start finish line, then use the straight and relatively easy corner to gain more positions. Try to keep this up for two or three laps, and you should then be in first place.

Once you're in first place you can take it easy. You'll need to maintain your speed in order to stay ahead of the pack, but you should be more careful braking for corners, and of course you won't have to worry about anyone in front of you. You may wish to go a bit faster on the easier corners, but always remember to brake. I'd also advise only using Square to brake, not R1 to handbrake, otherwise you'll most likely spin out. Also let go of X and glide around the track when going around corners, rather than speeding and then having to stop before you can go again in another direction. Staying in the lead for about 3 laps will usually result in any cars directly behind you disappearing, so you can be a lot more careful in order to not crash.

Stay in first place and try not to crash, then just navigate your way around the track carefully. Unless you're on the last lap, let anyone go past you who could be a danger. Always remember the area just before and just after the start/finish line is the best place for over taking on the whole track.

Upon completion of the race in first place you will be awarded $10,000 and when placed outside you will see an American Flag Monster Truck and a Hotring Racer have been spawned in the stadium's car park.

Reward: $10,000
The Monster Truck And Hotring Racer Have Been Unlocked Outside The Stadium.

San Fierro Stadium Missions

Blood Ring

The Blood Ring can be found at the stadium in Foster Valley, San Fierro. It's the most Southern area in San Fierro with an icon on the radar.

The Blood Ring is a ridiculously hard checkpoint grabbing destruction derby. This was in Vice City, and while frustrating, it was still possible. This time it literally requires luck in order to pass the mission. You, and about 20 other vehicles with sub machine gun weilding idiots hanging out of the windows need to battle around a bowl and collect large red checkpoints. Your time will count down, and every checkpoint you get will increase your time by 15 seconds. You'll start on 30 seconds, and you need to beat a score of 60 on your first run. In theory, this means you need to grab about three or four checkpoints in quick succession in order to raise your time above a minute. In Vice City this wasn't a problem, although you needed to weave in and out of the vehicles in order to get to the checkpoints as quickly as possible. In San Andreas the mission is completely unfair. You're in a crappy Bloodring Banger with probably the worst handling and speed in the game, while racing about 20 other vehicles ranging from street racers to off road vehicles. To make things worse, other vehicles can grab the checkpoints. So not only do you need to grab as many checkpoints as possible, but you need to pray that none of the other cars get the one you're heading for. Of course when the odds are about 19 to 1 you don't really have much chance at all of getting the checkpoints first.

The main advice for this mission is to keep playing it over and over until you are lucky enough to be able to actually get three or four checkpoints without some other stupid vehicles getting there before you. Use handbrake turns to turn around quickly, and always go for the little tool icon if you can see someone else is going to get a checkpoint before you as the little bastards can do a lot of damage to your car with their drive-by's. Of course another ingenious idea for this mission from Rockstar was to make blown up cars respawn! So no matter how many you take out, there'll still be about 20 others stealing your checkpoints. There's literally no proper advice you can give for this, apart from telling you your objective. Drive through the cars and grab the checkpoints before they do. Everything else is up to the game making the other cars way better drivers than you.

Luckily the mission is only required once, and after that I wouldn't waste the time doing it again.

Upon completion of the battle with a total time of over 60 seconds you will be awarded $10,000 and when placed outside you will see that an amazing Bloodring Banger has been spawned in the stadium's car park.

Reward: $10,000
The Bloodring Banger Has Been Unlocked Outside The Stadium.

Las Venturas Stadium Missions

Dirt Track
The Dirt Track can be found at the stadium in Blackfield, Las Venturas on Mondays and Wednesdays. It can be found to the West of the ring road around Las Venturas.

The Dirt Track is probably one of the easiest stadium missions there is. You're on a Sanchez dirt bike and are racing it out with 12 other bikers. The good thing is that while they are relatively well skilled at driving, they don't balance themselves out after going over a jump, and as a result, you can almost always count on most of, if not all of them bailing after going over a hill a few corners from the start. This gives you a great opportunity to catch up, or get even further in the lead.

From the start follow the dirt track in the middle of the road perfectly. Just stay in the middle of the other vehicles and head over the small jump. Try to land cleanly and go over the next jump where you should be able to gain about four or five places. Land that well then head around the corner to the left. Follow that along and handbrake turn just after going over the top of the hill. Follow this path down and over the small jump, then hit the big jump. This is where you win and lose the race. You'll most likely see that a lot of the riders have fallen from their bikes here, and those who haven't will soon, don't worry. Balance out the bike in mid air and land smoothly, while avoiding the other bikes. Head to the left and go onto the ramp. As you hit the end, turn slightly to the right in mid air so that you land at an angle pointing the right way. Keep to the inside of the track, probably on the yellow bit in the middle, and follow this tight circle all of the way around. After three quarters of a full circle you'll see the track continues to the left, so make sure you don't miss the turn. Head along here and hand brake turn in order to stay away from the barriers. Go to the end of this section then hand brake turn again. Follow the road a bit further, then handbrake turn around the hairpin. Drive to the end of the next road and handbrake turn around this hairpin, then follow the track back to the start finish line.

Every single rider WILL crash out on the hill, sooner or later, so just make sure you put in good lap times, roughly around 55 to 57 seconds and try not to spin out or bail from the bike. If you land the jump you're guaranteed to gain positions. Once you get in the lead it's not as easy as the 8-Track, however handbrake turning makes corners much easier. Always be sure to keep off the barriers. They'll pretty much stop you dead and it would be quicker to physically brake to a stop. Instead, release X and just let the bike glide along. Performing handbrake turns without holding X will improve the turning time and make it a lot easier to get around corners at higher speeds. Just remember to keep driving relatively fast and don't crash, then wait for the other racers to make mistakes and you should be able to get this in your first few tries. The better Bike Skill you have the easier it will be though, as you'll have less chance of falling from your bike, even with hard collisions.

Upon completion of the race in first place you will be awarded $25,000 and when placed outside you will see that a BF Injection has been spawned in front of the stadium doors.

Reward: $25,000
A BF Injection Has Been Unlocked Outside The Stadium On Monday And Wednesday.

Kickstart can be found at the stadium in Blackfield, Las Venturas on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It can be found to the West of the ring road around Las Venturas.

Kickstart is exactly like the Dirt Ring in Vice City. You're on a dirt bike, and you need to make your way up and over obstacles in order to increase your score while your time counts down. You need to score more than 25 points to beat the challenge, however 45 or more is easily possible. Grabbing a green corona will earn you 1 point, an amber one will get you 2 and a red one will add 3 to your total. Needless to say the green ones are easy to get, the amber ones are medium difficulty, and the red ones are the hardest.

From the start head immediately left and drive up the easy-ish wooden ramp thing to the top and grab the red corona. Drop down from there and go straight ahead and over the two strange obstacles to pick up two orange coronas. Before dropping down at the end of the second one, make a right and go up the next obstacle. Grab the amber one up here, then go down and grab a red corona. Head up the ramp at the other side and drop the front wheel off the edge to grab the next red corona, then reverse back on and turn around, dropping down the last ramp to pick up yet another red corona. Make your way to the top left corner of the room where you'll find an easy few ramps leading through a green corona into a red one. You should now have 22 points with only about a minute or so gone, and you can just pick a few easy green corona's to push it past 25 and you'll win the mission when the time runs out. If you want to get as good a score as possible head over to the other side of the arena and ramp onto the bus. Grab the amber corona and head carefully along the wood to the other bus and grab a red corona. Drop down and drive into the single car aiming to bounce off it and grab the red corona at the top of the stacked cars. You can then drive up the wooden ramp next to the cars and grab the amber corona. By now you will easily have the required 25 points, and if not there's at least 5 more easy green ones to pick up, so I'll leave that to you.

Upon completion of the mission with over 25 points, when outside you will see that a Dune has been spawned in front of the stadium doors.

A Dune Has Been Unlocked Outside The Stadium On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday And Sunday.

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