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2 Player Missions
Description:This mod will allow you to play the PS2 multiplayer on the PC. Here is more information from the creator. "This mod allows you to play the 2 player missions that were in the PS2 version of San Andreas. They were taken out of the PC version because directX couldn't support the format. I have done some work on it so that it you can now play the missions. WARNING: THIS IS A BETA VERSION. THIS MOD IS IN TESTING AT THE MOMENT, IT MAY BUG OR NOT WORK. I TAKE NO RESPONABILITY FOR PROBLEM CAUSED BY THIS MOD. This mod is also not working to its full copasity yet. There are some problems and gitches!" This mod will only work for you if you have 1 or 2 USB controllers for your PC/Laptop. Some people prefer one person use the keyboard while the other uses a joypad. You choose...Please go to the Documentation part for more help with this mod.
Date Added:11:21 PM 4/5/06
Last Download:3:50 PM 6/17/18
Rating:5.42/10 (190 votes)
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