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If you need to contact the owner of this site for any reason, it is important that you contact the right address. This is a very popular site, which receives a large number of emails per day, and if they are not sent to the right address it is hard to keep track of them, and the end result is that the emails will be discarded. While there are other ways of contacting Psy, email is the most preferred as it is easiest to reply to. Instant Messengers no longer work because of the overwhelming number of people who try to chat through it so I'd strongly advise people to not bug me through them unless it's urgent or important. Using the Private Message feature on the forums is also a relatively good way to contact Psy, however there will sometimes be delays before a reply is received. I stress again that emails MUST be sent to the right address. If they aren't, you will not get a reply.

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