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The TPCC, or rather The Team PAL Code Crackers are a Codehacking group which specialise in making cheat cartridge codes for Playstation 2 Games. While we try to hack as many games as possible, almost all of our work involves making codes for the Grand Theft Auto games; GTA3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Over the last 4 or 5 years we have learned a lot about hacking codes and how PS2 games work, and we have been able to make some rather special codes for the games. These are different to conventional button codes because they can quite literally allow anything to be possible. Say there's a button code to spawn a tank... We can (and have) allowed you to swap that tank that will fall out of the sky with any vehicle you want! What about the ability to play any mission from the story, anytime, anywhere whenever you want? We've done that too.

There's a huge selection of codes we've already got for GTA San Andreas, and most of these were just conversions from Vice City codes. Imagine what we'll do once we start hacking some of the new stuff in game! We hack our codes specifically for PAL versions of games, hence the TPCC name, however we are also skilled in code conversions and can mix and match different cheat devices and formats. If you wish to use any of the codes found directly on this site, you'll need a PAL game, a PAL "Action Replay 2 V2" and a PAL PS2. You can buy most of these online, however the AR2V2 isn't being sold at very many places anymore, and it's probably the easiest device to use for hacking, so any people currently without cheat devices will need to buy an Action Replay MAX, and our codes would have to be converted across.

I always like to stress that these are 'codes', not 'cheats'. In reality, they are the same thing, however cheats are built into the game by the developers whereas codes only occur because memory of the game has been altered. Codes should always be used to improve the fun you can have in the game, and they certainly do that, however some codes have been made to make certain things easier such as giving you infinite time which could be used on missions or whatever, but I try to stay off the side of "ruining the game by cheating". Almost all of our codes will add some extra replay value to the game, and just make some boring things fun once again. If you've never tried using a cheat device, you've been missing out, but there's nothing wrong with starting now. It's up to you if you want to use it for help or for fun, but either way there's a vast array of codes to be used for whatever you like.

Welcome to The TPCC site and we hope you like the codes we've hacked. You can talk about them and request other codes on the GTA-SanAndreas.com forums.

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